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Tyligand Bioscience

committed to the research and development of innovative drugs for cancers  and autoimmune diseases

Preserve the dignity of life
with the power of science and technology

Over the past half century, with the improvement of living standards and healthcare services, many serious diseases that once posed a major threat to human health have been effectively controlled. However, the incidence of cancer continues to increase with the extension of average life expectancy brought about by social development, making it the leading cause of death and posing enormous economic and emotional burdens on patients and society.

Targeted therapy and immune checkpoint inhibitors have changed the landscape of cancer treatment, but drug resistance and the limited applicability of immune therapy remain as significant challenges. The unmet medical needs of cancer patients remain urgent.

Tyligand Bioscience

strive to invent more effective and more accessible medicine for patients across the globe

Tyligand Bioscience

focused on discovering breakthrough medicines for the waiting patients  

Our Focus

Therapeutic Areas

We aim to build an efficient engine for small molecule innovation  and a research pipeline for cancer and autoimmune diseases, providing global patients with safer, more effective, and more accessible treatment options.

Cancer has become one of the leading causes of death and a major healthcare burden. We focus on the molecular mechanisms of carcinogenesis and the characteristics of tumor microenvironment, and are committed to discovering drugs that can help to regulate the expression of oncogenes and their signaling pathways, disrupt the tumor microenvironment, and restore immune normalcy.

Autoimmune diseases manifest as the immune system of patients become overactive or dysregulated, leading to attacks and damage to own tissues. Coherent with our discovery efforts in immuno-oncology, we work closely with medical professionals to engage untapped mechanisms for hard to treat immunological disorders.